Community Action Research Scholars (CARS)

Community Action Research Scholars (CARS)
“Driving Community Compassion”


The Community Action Research Scholars (CARS) program offers students opportunities to promote healthier behaviors, address key health issues within communities, and engage in service-learning activities with the underserved. Students participate in community-based service learning experiences and didactic sessions designed to improve their skills in community health. Through these experiences they contribute to improving health in the underserved communities where they train.

“To understand and improve the health of an individual, we must realize that they are a part of a community, don’t tell me about the disease a person has, tell me about the person who has the disease.” Dr. Mark DeHaven, Co- founding director


CARS is based on the principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR) and population medicine, with special emphasis on cultural competence and the social determinants of health. Students enrolled in CARS participate in s coordinated program of instruction, and service- learning experiences. CARS offers students a long-term experience in community engagement and research with cumulative tracking and evaluation of research data.

CARS Seminar

  • Undergraduate and graduate student training in the social determinants of health
  • Complete community service-learning and research experiences
  • Certificate of Knowledge in Community Health
  • Contact: Claire Schuch ( Mark DeHaven ( Nialah Sharp ( Morgan Poole (

March 2017

October 2017

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