Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Camino Community Center?

Camino Community Center is a comprehensive human services and empowerment organization providing an integrated service delivery model that focuses on promoting health and wellness, fostering hope and facilitating economic opportunity primarily for the growing immigrant and low-income families in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg region.

Camino Community Center is a catalyst that produces a reaction of wellness, hope, and opportunity, transforming all who participate. Camino is not focused on helping the poor but rather transforming culture and communities. We all have needs. There are those with a spiritual need for significance and those who have physical needs for opportunity and access. When we engage with one another there is a catalytic reaction!! As we walk together on this pathway we discover we have served each other and are forever been changed.

Camino Community Center’s mission is “To equip people to live healthy, hopeful and productive lives.” We are a place of wellness, hope, and opportunity.

When was it opened?

Camino Community Center has been serving the community for the past 12 years. The first program opened was Bethesda Health Center in October 2004.

What portion of the community do you serve?

Individual and families in need, special focus on the Latino Community.

What services are offered?

We offer multiple programs through our three areas of services:

Health and Wellness Center
Provides comprehensive and multicultural health and wellness services to bilingual and bicultural low-income and immigrant families.

  • Primary Care Services
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health services
  • Health Education Programs
  • Physical Activities

Hope Center
Provides hope and support for families and Individual in crisis providing food, clothing, household goods, information and word of hope.

  • Food Pantry
  • Way of Hope – Homeless support programs

Economic Opportunity Center
Create a Pathway to upward mobility by empowering our community through financial literacy programs, workforce training, and the creation of small businesses.

  • Workforce Development
  • Small Business training
  • Thrift Store
  • Workforce Re-entry

To date how many people has the Camino served?

Over 20,000 people received services

What are Camino’s sources of funding?

∙ Mecklenburg County support the Clinic Operation
∙ Patient’s donation ($10.00 visit)
∙ Facility rent for event
∙ Community store
∙ Churches support
∙ Individual support
∙ Business support

How can others help Camino meet its needs?

Donating money or merchandise, volunteer, partner with us to provide additional services, promote our center & services in the community.

How can people in need of your services, volunteers and donor contact you?

Camino Community Center
133 Stetson Dr. Charlotte, NC
Phone 704-596-5606 Fax: 704-596-5606